Football FRVR


Average Rating: 4.8/5

You're the kicker and the field goal is waiting. A wide right or left will end the game. The crowd is at the edge of their seats and the excitement in the air is positively palpable.

Are you ready?

The whistle blows!

Kick it!

Football is easy to learn and fun to play, but also offers challenges. Send the ball between the goal posts without fail and you'll kick your way to football glory. Extra points and coins are there for the taking if you can hit the elusive stars that pop in and out of play. Was that a gold cup? Hit it and pocket a pile of coins you can use at the game shop!

As the game progresses, the challenges increase, but the crowd will always be faithful and stay to cheer you on.

Football includes an original rockin' soundtrack that keeps you pumped and ready for play.


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